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Quelles sont les commodités les plus populaires à Paris?

Informations sur les commodités à Paris

Ce qui précède révèle les meilleures commodités appart hotel et les numéros de propriété associés à chacun d'entre elles à Paris. A Paris, 332 appart hotel offrent Connexion internet, 332 appart hotel offrent Cuisine, 330 appart hotel offrent Parking Available. Donc, si vous avez besoin de Connexion internet pendant vos vacances, utilisez le filtre Connexion internet pour comparer ces propriétés. Deux commodités non typiques sont Salon d'accueil VIP, Farsi.

Quelle gamme de prix est la plus typique dans la zone Paris?

Informations sur les prix de appart hotel à Paris

Le graphique montre les pourcentages de appart hotel dans chaque tranche de prix. Paris a le pourcentage le plus élevé (57.23%) de appart'hôtels dans la gamme de prix de 50€ - 100€.
0 € à 50 €
0 € à 50 €
50 € à 100 €
50 € à 100 €
100 € à 150 €
100 € à 150 €
150 € à 200 €
150 € à 200 €
200 € à 250 €
200 € à 250 €
250 € à 300 €
250 € à 300 €
300 € à 350 €
300 € à 350 €
350 € à 400 €
350 € à 400 €
400 € à 450 €
400 € à 450 €
450 € à 500 €
450 € à 500 €
500 € +
500 € +
Combien de appart hotel locatifs à Paris acceptent les animaux domestiques?
Animaux domestiques acceptés vs non acceptés à Paris
34.34% des appart hotel à Paris acceptent les animaux domestiques.Que vous emmeniez vos animaux domestiques en vacances ou souffriez d’allergies aux animaux domestiques, assurez-vous de sélectionner les maisons en appliquant les bons filtres.
Quels sont les aéroports à Paris?
Les meilleurs aéroports à Paris
Où se trouvent les joyaux cachés ou les lieux uniques à visiter à Paris?
Joyaux Cachés

Saint-Paul Village: you can't imagine that there is such a place in the center of Paris! Located in Le Marais, Sao Paulo village has many art galleries, antique shops, and many bookstores. Surrounded by beautiful Ottoman buildings, walk along the alleys of Sao Paulo village, you can avoid the crowd of tourists, but also enjoy the style of Paris. It is recommended to come to the coffee shop in Sao Paulo village and have a good afternoon! The address is rue Saint Paul, 75004 Paris

Rue Cremieux: suitable for camping, outdoor activities for the whole family, waterfall, beautiful scenery. However, it should be noted that the rainy season is wet and campers should bring their own dry wood and blankets to keep warm.

Quels sont les endroits recommandés pour manger et boire à Paris?,
Aliments et boissons locaux recommandés

New Jawad Longchamp: it's a very famous Indian, Pakistani, vegan, halal, gluten-free food

The address is 30 Rue de Longchamp, 75116 Paris, France

Café de Flore: at the corner of St. Germain Avenue and St. bernois street in the Sixth District of Paris, it is a café de Flore with rich historical background. The interior is decorated in the classic art movement style, with red seats, mahogany, and mirrors, which have not changed much since World War II. The price is a little expensive, hot chocolate is sweet, but Napoleonic cake is worth a try. In addition to the location of the film, Zhou Enlai, Picasso and Sartre used to be guests here.

The address is Rue des saints Germain des pres station.

Quels sont les lieux de vie nocturne à Paris?
Lieux de vie nocturne

Hemingway bar: Hemingway bar is one of the best bars in the world by many editors/critics. The place is charming and the service is very good. The interior decoration of the shop obviously has the characteristics of Hemingway's works, which is strange and comfortable. It's hard to be unhappy here.

Address: 15 place venue, 75001 Paris, France

Frenchie: this shop is located in a very human street. There are restaurants, bars, vegetable shops, meat shops, bakeries, wine shops, and so on. The staff in the store were very kind and attentive.

Address: 5 rue du nil, 75002 Paris, France

Où aller pour découvrir l'art et la culture à Paris?
Lieux d’art et de culture

Musée d'Orsay: the most Impressionist Works in the world. It is the Museum of modern French art, which has the largest collection of Impressionist works in the world, and is known as "the palace of impressionism". Together with the Louvre and Pompidou, it is the three major museums in Paris. It is a perfect intermediate transition between the Louvre Palace of ancient art and the Pompidou Center of modern art palace.

Quelles sont les saisons de pointe des voyages à Paris?
Saisons de Pointe

Regardless of the season from January to December, the weather is a relatively unimportant factor when traveling to Paris. The climate in Paris is mild in four seasons. The highest temperature in summer rarely exceeds 25 ℃, and the lowest temperature in winter is usually above 0 ℃, but sometimes it is very hot. The distribution of precipitation in a year is relatively average. It rains at least 1/3 of the days every month. It is necessary to take an umbrella with you. For shopaholics, January and June are the most attractive seasons in Paris, when the clothing retail industry is undergoing season change sales with unimaginable discounts.

Quelles sont les activités à Paris adaptées aux familles?
Activités adaptées aux familles

Champs Elysees: the queen of many streets in Paris. Champs Elysees can be divided into two parts: the eastern section is dominated by natural scenery, and the two sides are a flat English lawn. It can be seen in the French plane under its peaceful walking and comfort. The western section is a commercial district, and many world-famous products are full of beautiful objects, showing the fashion and prosperity of Champs Elysees.

Luxembourg Gardens: the scenic public space tour in Les Miserables, the central part of the Latin District, is a picturesque and vibrant park. In addition to walking and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, monuments, statues, and fountains also attract tourists to stop. In the park, there is the palace of the emperor, the Luxembourg Palace, where the French Senate is located.

National Opera of Paris: the largest Lyric Theatre in the world. Enjoy the exquisite architecture. The Opera House of Paris (French: Opéra national de Paris) is a 2200 seat opera house in Paris, France. Paris Opera House is the world's largest Lyric theater.

Comment planifier des itinéraires de voyage de 1, 2 ou 3 jours à Paris?
Planification de voyage

Day 1: Louvre ->  Tuileries Garden -> Concorde square -> Alexander III bridge -> Seine River Cruise

Day 2: Aussie Museum -> Orange garden Museum -> Champs Elysees -> Arc de Triomphe -> Eiffel Tower

Day 3: Luxembourg Park -> Flower Cafe -> Ancestral temple > Shakespeare Bookstore > The Centre Pompidou

Day 4: Love wall -> Sacré-Cœur Basilica -> Palais Garnier 

Quels sont les endroits incontournables à Paris?
Attractions incontournables

Louvre Museum: one of the four largest museums in the world, with a collection of 400,000 pieces, it can be described as the palace of treasures. The three treasures of the town hall are the Venus of Milo, the Mona Lisa, and the goddess of victory. At the same time, this is also the location of the movie "the phantom of the Louvre" and "the Da Vinci Code". You can see the famous treasures of the town hall, as well as the classic works with little reputation but no less charm.

Arc de Triomphe: Europe's largest triumphal arch, overlooking the Champs Elysees avenue, is located in the center of Paris de Gaulle square, the full name of the Arc de Triomphe, is built to commemorate Napoleon's victory in the 1806 war.

Eiffel Tower: a famous symbol of Paris, it was born in 1889 with a 360 ° view of romantic Paris. It is also the landmark and the tallest building in Paris.

Comment se déplacer à Paris?

You can get to Paris by air: Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to the north and Orly (ORY) to the south.

From the inside to the outside, Paris can be divided into two parts: small Paris and big Paris. The scope of small Paris is 1-2 circles, which is equivalent to 1-2 rings of domestic cities; the scope of large Paris is 3-5 circles. The main tourist attractions in Paris (Notre Dame de Paris, Louvre, etc.) are concentrated in the circle of 2, but there are also attractions like Versailles Palace and Paris Disneyland in circle 4 or 5. Paris's traffic card is closely related to the division of this interval, you need to choose your own interval or station before purchasing. There are three types of traffic cards: time ticket, day ticket, and weekly ticket. The modes of transportation applicable to these cards include Metro (14 lines in total), tram (4 lines in total), bus (400 lines) and rapid transit (RER, divided into 5 lines in A-E), of which the secondary ticket can only be used within 2 laps.

À quoi ressemble l'agenda des événements et festivals locaux à Paris?
Événements et festivals locaux

July 14, France National Day: on the eve of national day, fireworks are set off in all cities in France, and people are singing and dancing in all streets of Paris. The next morning, people watched the parade. The French holiday begins.

November 25 St. Catherine's Day: it's a truly local festival in Paris. 25-year-old unmarried young girls dress up as St. Catherine. The girls who celebrate St. Catherine's day lay wreaths in front of the statue of the virgin on the street of the same name. Many small yellow and green hats were made on this day, one more novel than the other. In big women's clothing stores, people dance and drink incense. Catherine was the queen of the day.

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